A Peek Inside the Tool Box of a Conversion Optimization Master

If driving web traffic in an extremely competitive and crowded cyberspace is not challenging enough, every SEO company now faces the challenge of conversion. It’s no easy feat. With hundreds of websites asking internet visitors to do the same thing, why would they choose to listen to you?

According to experts, 56.8 billion dollars will be spent this year to generate site traffic; however, only 2% to 3% of this will actually convert. On average, businesses invest $92 dollars to lead people to their site. They will only get back $2 for this capital. Talk about paltry ROI.

Given the challenges given above, venturing into conversion optimization services is an intense battlefield and you cannot go to war unprepared. More specifically, you cannot charge into unchartered cyber territories without surveying the landscape. In fact, when it comes to conversion optimization services, one has to recognize and embrace the flimsiness of how online consumers behave and have a mindset for iterative testing in order to determine if the current still works.

Out of all the companies, brands or businesses that subscribe to one form conversion optimization, 76% admitted that they do not have a clear structure on how to approach this field in internet marketing and that 61% perform less than five tests on their tactics per month. New York Times Bestselling Author and conversion expert recommends that at least 20 tests per month should be conducted, citing the example of Amazon.com which rolls out 200 testing activities monthly and getting back 30% of what they spent on their internet marketing.

Tools You Can Use for Conversion Optimization Services

We talked about how conversion is a tough battlefield. Now, it’s time for you and your partner SEO Company to gear up and load up on ammunitions. Here are a few tools you can use to make the most out of your conversion efforts.

CrazyEgg. This tool generates a “mouse heat map” to give you an insight which part of your site or landing page your site visitors are focusing on. It also tells you if they are clicking on not clickable images, something that is not good for conversion. It will also give you data on how user behavior changes depending on varying screen sizes and sources of traffic.

ClickTale. Compared to CrazyEgg, ClickTale gives a more detailed picture of how visitors behave in your site. It shows how far people scroll down and whether they reach the bottom of the page. If you have form fields on your landing pages, it will tell you which ones are not filled in and those that create confusion and hence, prevent conversion. An SEO company will also see which links users pass their mouse over, but for some reason, they don’t click on them.

AttentionWizard. A rule of thumb in conversion optimization services is to minimize distraction as much as possible. Basically, what this tool will do is to predict which elements in your landing page’s design will attract the most attention. If it’s not your key messages or your call to action, then you have to rethink before publishing.