Making Sure Your Business Cards Are Successful

Many people may believe that they don’t need business cards, and that all they need to do to generate profits would be to send e-mails, Tweet, or post information on their Facebook pages. However, while those are obviously valid methods, there are times where you’ll have to meet people face-to-face. When that happens, you want something you can give them that will have a positive impact.

One of the main considerations when it comes to business cards is their design. The better it looks and feels, the better impression you will make on potential clients. If you go for a non-descript design or use a flimsy stock design, you may give off the impression that you haven’t felt the need to invest very much in your operation. Quality business cards, on the other hand, show people that you place a great deal of value on your image.

They need to say something about your company that will register with people. If you have a streamlined, sophisticated company, make sure the design you choose reflects that with a gloss finish. A matte finish may be better for a newer, more modern company. Make sure the printing service allows you to upload your own design, or at least has impressive templates from which to choose. You want to present a professional image – people will notice if you use some sort of old-fashioned or basic design that they’ve probably seen several times before.

Another good idea is to have them printed with some sort of promotional code. Entice people to enter your store or visit your website for discounts or gifts. This will help ensure that people will hold on to your card longer. Your web traffic should increase as well. It could be a coupon for a two-for-one deal or a deep discount on the type of service that you provide. The more buzz you create, the more profit you can reap.

There is some basic information that you need to include. You’ll obviously want to include your full name, your position in the company (so you don’t have to sound vain to people by stating your title), the address, phone number and website of your company, and your cell phone number. Don’t forget your e-mail address, and don’t forget to include information on how people can reach your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media pages.

The more effort you put into your business cards, the more confident you will feel when handing them out to people at meetings, networking functions, or even in social settings. Be leery of printers that offer free business cards, however, because they are often lacking in substance as well as style. You need to pay as much attention to your image as you do in running your company.