New Entertainment Districts Offer Opportunity For Location Based Advertising in Kansas City

There are two very simple reasons for this to be true. The first is the sheer number of advertising agencies doing great work in Kansas City. The second is the rise of entertainment districts in the city over the last few years.

With FourSquare and other location based marketing options available all over the country, the phenomenon is really poised to take off in the KC area. For those unfamiliar with location based marketing, it is simply an extension of the social media phenomenon. It allows people to relay their exact location to others through their cell phone or BlackBerry at any given moment.

Why is this important to area business? It’s the ultimate in word of mouth advertising. If your customer sends out a message that he just sat down at your coffee shop with a latte and a scone, it immediately goes out to his friends in real time. The customer, in essence, is telling his friends with one simple push of the button, to come and join him.

Densely populated areas (think New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago) are the first to embrace location based marketing. But Kansas City, with its discernible, distinct and disparate entertainment areas, is ripe for the savvy business owner looking to score big rewards by being pioneers in the new marketing.

Restaurants, bars, clubs and other entertainment areas are the biggest potential beneficiaries of this social media boom. In Kansas City, businesses in the areas which seem to have taken to the new era in marketing quickly include

• Kansas City Power & Light

• Crossroads

• Westport

• The Plaza

• Zona Rosa

• Legends

As with anything new, many businesses not in the “movers and shakers” categories have adopted a wait and see attitude. Even some of the mid-size advertising agencies in Kansas City have not yet fully embraced the social media advancements.

Some however, have fully embraced the sexy newcomer in advertising that is location based marketing. Although some industries could see little benefit in this type of marketing, many could reap immediate benefits. Even small businesses should explore the opportunity to develop location based marketing strategy with a Kansas City website design company if they feel that the possibility exists to capitalize.

Fashion-Designer-Handbags – Boston Handbags

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Google Phone G-Phone vs Apple’s iPhone

It seems like everyone wants to get the new iPhone for Christmas. The Internet has been buzzing about it for months, but only a select few, really know what it looks like, what it will do, and when it will hit the streets.

The Boston Globe ran a great video a few weeks ago and reported, Google is saying next to nothing about the work they’re doing in their Cambridge R&D lab. Rich Miner, a Google executive sometimes described as the company’s vice president of wireless but officially a “technical staff member,” according to a Google spokesman, has shown the phone prototype to a handful of Boston entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, some of whom have signed nondisclosure agreements and some of whom haven’t.

Allegedly, the Google Phone brings the power of the internet in your pocket, in a simple and intuitive device. It combines the traditional voice and SMS capabilities of phones with all the exciting Google services from the PC such as Search, Gmail, Maps, Blogger…

The Google Phone, designed by Samsung, is a very thin and stylish handset with a large screen and a QWERTY keypad so that it provides a real internet experience.

All these internet services will be available under a simple Internet monthly flat fee, comparable to PC Broadband products, giving you transparency and control over your mobile bill. Thanks to simple, relevant advertising, Google will even give you a 3 month discount on your mobile Internet monthly flat fee.

The Google Phone is rumored to be 100% Java-based, through and through. Contrast this to the iPhone, which is 100% anti-Java.

Overall? Google will have the features that Apple wished they had – most of which will hinge on their strong web services presence. But Google will still envy Apple’s monopoly on lust.

In August, in case you haven’t been paying attention, the old 700MHz wireless spectrum was up for auction by the federal government. And under the veil of touting an “open” platform, Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced that the company will participate in the Federal Communications Commission auction for the bandwidth–with a few minor requests for the FCC: open applications for users; open devices that will work with whichever network provider customers choose; open services that would allow for third-party resellers to acquire wireless services on a wholesale basis; and open networks, which would allow third parties, such as Internet service providers, to interconnect at any feasible point within the 700MHz licensee’s wireless network.

What does all this mean? Don Reisinger speculated on c/net news, if the FCC agrees to the terms, Google will definitely win the auction. Once its wins, its executives will soon realize (as if they haven’t already) that this spectrum can go through walls and reach just about anywhere. Even better, it’ll create a speedy broadband connection.

Within no time, Google will announce that wireless will be made available to the public through its system. After all, it did it in San Francisco, why won’t it do it all over the country? In effect, Google would run a “third broadband pipe.”

Google could single handedly change the cell phone world FOREVER!
Not bad for a reported $4.6 billion deal, huh?

By the way, check out Googles new free 411 service! 1-800-466-4411 !