Beautiful Designer Wedding Dresses for Cutting Edge Brides to Be

The growth of the wedding industry in America has been nothing short of astonishing. In the past two decades alone, costs have doubled, bringing the total price tag for the average ceremony to just over 24,000 dollars. And that doesn’t include the honeymoon! Why are wedding costs on the rise?

There are many reasons. One simple explanation is that couples are waiting much longer to get married. The average couple is about six combined years older than they were just thirty years ago. As a result, they generally have more money in the bank and are more secure in their jobs. In other words, they can afford to spend more on vacations and special events. And what is more special than a wedding?

Another reason why connubial costs are on the rise is the modern bridal gown.  A few decades ago, brides were perfectly content to wear their mother’s old gowns or to purchase one second-hand. That is not the case these days. The average wedding dress now costs well over one thousand dollars, according to a recent survey.  This is what we like to call the designer effect.  What do we mean?

Fashion designers have had a love-hate relationship with bridal gowns for many years. Most of the world’s top designers avoided wedding dresses like the plague for decades. Since almost all bridal gowns were white and most of them were highly formal, there really wasn’t much a talented couturier could do with them. She was circumscribed by convention. But when tradition took a backseat to comfort and style, most of the top designers started making bridal gowns again.

The bride on a limited budget can purchase a dress off the rack for only a few hundred dollars. These gowns are typically knockoffs of original designer bridal gowns. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing a replica, but they certainly cannot compare with the real thing.

The reason designer dresses are so expensive is that they are made by the best in the business using only the top materials and techniques. When a designer puts her label on a gown, it is like an artist signing her name on an original painting. It means that she is proud of it, that it is the best she can do.  That is why most designers take the time to personally inspect each and every bridal gown that leaves their workshop. They want to make certain that every stitch is perfectly in place and that the dress will please the client. 

Spending up to ten thousand dollars on a wedding dress is not as uncommon as you might think. A top designer who is given carte blanche to create an original dress with all of the best fabrics, trims, and accessories can easily charge that much. Kate Middleton’s designer royal dress cost 40,000 dollars!

Bridal Gown Trends


Designers have changed the way American women think about wedding dresses.  Twenty years ago, few brides would have the chutzpah to walk down the aisle in anything other than a white gown. Today, non-white gowns are the fastest growing segment of the bridal gown industry. Off-white colors like champagne, silk and diamond have gained a loyal following in recent years. Some brides are even going with colors like yellow, red and blue, especially at outdoor ceremonies.


Designers love them because they look and feel fabulous on the right women. The truth is, you really have to have a slender figure to wear them, because they hug every curve and leave little to the imagination. It is no wonder they are such a hit on the runway!

Ball Gown Styles

While it is true that more and more brides-to-be are planning more casual weddings, when they do plan a formal one, they are choosing ball gowns in greater numbers. The ball gown is great because it is not nearly as cumbersome as the average formal gown. They typically have open shoulders and plunging, décolleté necklines, which most brides love, because it allows them to show a little skin in a formal setting. They are, however, almost impossible to remove without help.  Of course, that could be a plus on the wedding night!

Tea-Length Dresses

With the economy in the lurch, most brides are looking to save a few bucks, even on formal designer gowns. One simple way to accomplish this is to use a bit less material. The less fabric a designer needs, the smaller the bill. That may be why many modern brides are choosing gowns with tea-length hemlines instead of the more traditional full-length hemline. A tea-length number has a hemline that falls between the bottom of the calf and the ankle. They are incredibly popular at outdoor affairs and are even catching on with more formal brides. 

Designer wedding dresses can be found in a wide range of styles and prices on the web. Take a moment to browse around and find your favorite styles and designs.

A Pursuit of Perfection

Since the time of the first advertisement, somewhere back in 1704, when an announcement seeking a buyer for an Oyster Bay, Long Island, estate, was published in the Boston News-Letter. The human mind has been in a state of ceaseless turmoil. One that could delve into the most complex fathoms of creativity and pull out that one brilliant, golden tagline that would make the consumer “go” for a product. One that would make a product sells more than the next manufacturer’s product. Everyone’s been having a go at everyone else, ever since.

Five Hundred Billion Dollars. Have a read through those four words again. That’s how much the world spends today to be able to take a shot at getting ahead of the next guy. You’d probably fill up this entire line if you had a go at writing that number out. But is that the price for creativity? No. It’s but a price that businesses have to pay because unconsciously, they’re all after the same, utterly elusive finality. The pursuit of perfection.

Where do we even begin? Hundreds of thousands of students every year, apply for advertising and mass communications studies worldwide, even more individuals apply to become designers at various colleges, each of which have advertised themselves to be the best to no end. All of them come out into the mainstream after that college or university giving them a tag, a certificate. A piece of paper saying that they qualify for the position they may get. One in every class, the “best” gets to the top echelons of the industry. But what about the remaining several hundred thousand individuals starting out in the industry also? Who answers for them? Let’s put a question out on the table. What is the definition of “Best?” It’s a superlative. A singular entity only. So how is it that every institution goes flaunting and waving their flags out in the open shamelessly claiming to be the best? It’s extremely disturbing that money buys credibility. It is even more disturbing that those with more financial latitude make a wrap of a majority of almost everything out there. How can we justify the concept, the very essence of marketing as a whole, if we put it on a shelf and slap a sticker on it?

Let’s face it. That is what is happening isn’t it. A ballpark question directed at a majority of players in the market could be “are you really that good?” And if that question ever did come up for the world to answer, how many would actually be left standing? Everyone wants a piece of the pie. Of course they do. Who wouldn’t? But that is not the point. What makes a great artist, sportsman, chef, businessman or any individual for that matter who found his way to the top of his industry? In one absolute word, excellence. It is the root cause for an individual working over a period of time to be as perfect as that individual thinks he or she can be, reaching that stage where the whole world agrees unanimously that he or she is the very best, but in private, finding a calling and working in their solitude to achieve what no one else needs to agree upon or approve. Perfection. The realization of true potential and the ability to put oneself to the task of trying to achieve it. Very few have done it. But the results are there for the world to see. They are remembered as they ought to be. As who they were and by the work they did.

So, is the world spending five hundred billion on the wrong people? Not really. But how many of those settle for less than the best? Is every advertisement as evocative as it ought to be? Does every advertisement or design influence you as deeply as you’d like to be influenced? As an example, one magnificent set of words comes to mind “The world’s most elegant protest against mediocre engineering” campaign for the BMW 733i luxury car that appeared in the ABA journal in March, 1982. To date, it is something that has deeply influenced the way I, as an individual work. That one line was as close to perfect as a human being could have got. It embodied not just the very essence of the campaign it was meant for, but also the very principle on which anything at all, could be founded. A thought process that truly cared for what it was working on. One that could give a valid conclusion to the product it was paid to represent. One that accepted the money for the sole reason of simple, uncomplicated, financial gain for his needs as an individual, and not as a price to purchase his capability for beautiful thought. His work was done right there. He had portrayed the very essence of excellence and a person, sitting on one corner of the globe today, would remember him for his work after all these years and wish he could find out more about that individual, meet him and share some time with a person who had the capability to inspire a free mind with nothing more than the unadulterated beauty and standard of his work. He gave his work its due, because anyone, who read that line and understood where it came from, will be speaking of it. That man’s work will be remembered for a long time to come through the words of those who speak of him to others. The bottom-line is, that man, and his work, will be the stuff of eternity.

How many of us today look to achieve those standards? Honestly? It would require us to take ourselves out of the rat race and indulge ourselves in the beauty of the work we do. It could be anything. Be it design, development, writing, advertising, media, marketing or any field at all. If any individual in any of these fields can stand in front of a mirror, look himself in the eyes knowing he has done what he needs to do to have the world remember him, then he would be at the very beginnings of the pursuit of perfection.

Why You Should Get Your Corporate Website Developed By A Reputable Provider Of IT Solutions

Are you planning to get a website designed to showcase your business? Then you should definitely get in touch with a provider of IT solutions right away. Did you think that these people only took care of problems related to hardware, networking and software products? Well, think again! Most reputable providers of IT solutions also have several other types of services on offer, and web designing happens to be one of those. So, if you have already partnered with a reputable provider of IT solutions, chances are that they will be able to design a website for your company as well.

However, you cannot just leave the task of developing a corporate website for your company in the hands of the web designers. After all, it is your company, and you should make sure that the website is designed properly to act as the face of your company on the internet. The following features, for example, should always be incorporated in the website:

1. Compatibility with various kinds of browsers: You can never be sure which kind of web browser your visitors are going to use to browse your company website. As such, make sure that your website looks great on all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

2. Content management system in the back end: Make sure that the developers are integrating an easy-to-use content management system with the website. That way, even employees who have little or no technical knowledge will be able to update the content as and when required. Do not avoid this, even if it means investing a little more in the project. Absence of a proper content management system will make updating the website a Herculean task.

3. Customized template in the essence of your business: Make sure that the look and feel of the website is customized keeping in mind the corporate identity of your company. The colors should either be similar to the ones used in the company logo, or contrast with it nicely. Both situations can yield surprisingly good results.

Finally, ensure that stock photos are not used anywhere in the website. It is much better to take a few snaps of your employees and put those up in the banners placed at the top portions of the web pages. This will allow visitors to realize that they are interacting with a properly designed corporate website, and not something cheaply built by an obscure web designer somewhere.

So, don’t delay any further. Find a reputable web developer and get the corporate website of your company developed right away. You should try to get in touch with reputable providers of IT solutions.