Practical Tips for GEO-Targeting SEO

Research indicates that customers found that those campaigns optimized with GEO-targeting results in mind are more successful from the SEO point of view.

SEO, the acronym of Search Engine Optimization, is the process and techniques that generate quality web traffic from search engines. Web traffic, in natural, has no physical boundary. A gift or an auction website may get visitors from Boston, London, Paris or Hong Kong. Visitors around the world not only use different languages, but also have different tastes for layout, navigation and styles. Besides the general web design and SEO principles that have proven to work well in bringing search traffic, a few tips for GEO-targeting SEO will increase the chance of success for businesses that promote their businesses online across regions of different culture background.

1. GEO-targeting Design

Websites targeting multiple GEO regions may have a few versions of the site. And each version targets one particular language. For the same version, the page may be configured according to the location automatically. It’s a common practice to use IP address to identify the geo region of a visitor. For design of each version, make sure to work closely with the designers who really know about that market. The design of the website should suit the style and taste of the local users. A website targeting US market has much better chance of success if a Boston web design company is involved, instead of a web design firm from India. Geo-targeting depends on the user’s settings. As an example, an English web site may display different versions according to the user’s location, whether Canada, Australia or the United Kingdom, since Geo-targeting identifies the user’s keyword settings, language and location.

2. GEO-targeting Promotion

All major search engines serve the search results based on both what users are looking for (the quires) and where they come from (location). In fact, major search engines Google, Yahoo Search!, and Microsoft’s Live search all have a different version of the main search engine for either major language or a country. A searcher from UK will see the different search results than a searcher from Australia even though they use the same search engine and search for the same term. Search engines rank pages according to what kind of links a site is pointed and where the links are from. If a website site gets most of links from UK, the site will rank well when UK users look for information in a search engine. If you’re not located in the GEO market you target, work with a local SEO firm is productive and rewarding. A Boston internet marketing company that really knows about Boston SEO will do a much better job for acquiring links from either US sites or Boston local websites.

3. GEO-targeting Analysis

GEO-targeting SEO doesn’t end at SEO-targeting promotion. To fully understand visitor behaviors of each GEO market, try using geographic Meta data for accurate results.
Several Boston Internet marketing companies have used Web analytic software and IP databases that provide a range of locations for specific requirement when a version of a web site or advertisements need to reach only a specific city within the states.

Spamdexing Hindering Search Engine Placement

The World Wide Web is a storehouse of information and for the benefit of the users there are various internet based search engines present. Consumers are required to type in the key words on a particular topic and all the various data and information available in the internet on that subject is readily made available in the form of an index consisting of a set of sites and their content. The process of search engine placement, also often referred to as search engine optimization designates the process by means of which a website attempts to reach a higher ranking so that it remains one among the top in the list of sites indexed by the search engines.

Therefore, it is evident that search engine optimization is extremely vital in order to ensure enhanced search engine placement and here it is also necessary to point out that the functioning of search engine placements are significantly dominated by algorithms and the premier search engines like Google and Yahoo do not reveal the algorithmic details that they use in order to index the websites.

The primary purpose of search engine placements is to ensure total satisfaction to the consumers and ensure that their purposes are served by the list of websites indexed. However, there are also certain means which can restrict the possibility of a webpage from being one of the first in the index. Spamdexing is one such significant process which is said to hinder search engine placements considerably and restrict the possibilities of enabling a site to be one among the topmost in the index prepared by the search engines.

There are various kinds of spamdexing namely, link spam, content spam and using of world-writable pages and many others as well. Link spam refers to the process by which, link-based ranking algorithms are used in order to ensure higher ratings to a website which provides links to a greater number of other websites. Some of processes of link spam include page hijacking, link farms, Sybil attack, hidden links, spam blogs etc. Content spam is responsible for transforming the rational view that a search engine exercises over the contents of its pages and thus misguiding consumers. Some of the prominent modes of content spam include scrapper sites, meta tag stuffing, keyword stuffing, doorway pages etc. In case of pages which allow users to blog or include content, spamdexing needs to be kept under control.

How To Optimize Landing Page Design And Development

Your landing page is the first thing people see when they go to your webpage or it is the first thing they see when they click a link to your sales page, which is really the same thing. You can use a landing-page for many different reasons but normally it is advertorial. This means you need to have simple, to the point and engaging content ready to keep them there.

Here are some great ways to optimize your Landing Page Design and Development:

Target your audience: There is no sense in having a great looking landing page that target car parts if your audience is a bunch of gardening hobbyists, is there? The single most important thing you need to determine is who you are going to target. And then make sure you develop and design your landing page to accommodate that. The key here is to keep them feeling a sense of connection with what you are doing. People do business with those who they know and who believe know them and their needs.

Have a reward landing page: Make sure you are enticing your readership with a place to sign up for beneficial content. Drip content into their e mails by giving them tips and tricks in short-form blog style e mails and then after a campaign or two hit them with a link that goes to another page for a reward for loyalty. Free reports that offer them even more free information. Lastly, on that page you have a link, which leads them to the final landing page to purchase related products that will provide all the benefits you were talking about in the free reports. This is a common page development scheme that works. You are providing compelling copy and also benefiting the customers before you ever ask them to sign up or purchase. This has been a tried and true way of marketing from a landing page that has made people real money.

Make sure you have only the form fields needed: People are still sheepish about what information they put out on the web. There are too many information-harvesting sites around and you don’t need to come off suspect. So, the way to get all the info you need without asking for a lot of contact info. In other words, you need to ask for information that is only relative to what you are giving away. For example, if it is only a newsletter or a podcast then why are you asking for a phone number and home address, complete with a birth date etc. You see what we mean?

In conclusion, these are the basic things you need to know so that you can be as creative as you like with your Landing Page Development and Design. If you keep these tips in mind you will save yourself needless effort in time and money that will sabotage your efforts, remember the human side of technology, people are still people and familiarity with trust is the key.